The following is a glossary of some terms from the book.

1. Baile ata cliat, Dublin.
2. Feis ceol, Irish music competition. Mitching, skipping school. Chupacabra, creature in folklore. Gurrier, rascal.
3. Staidiam naisiunta, National stadium.
4. Amadhan, fool. Jazz bo jims, metal toy.
6. Shiochana Lugs Branigan, police officer. Van Dieman, Tasmania. McAlpines fusilier, construction worker.
7. La eile go brea, better tomorrow. Morton’s fork, false dilemma. Phaorach, poor man. Snafu, situation normal all fucked up. Deanta in eirinn, made in Ireland.
8. Cladagh ring, friendship ring. Flambeaux carriers, Torch carriers. Pachyderms, camel. Norlin airlann, Northern Ireland. Nolan-Gaybo, Stephen Nolan and Gay Byrne talk show hosts. George, George Best. Harland and Wolff, Ship Builders, Norn Iron, Northern Ireland. Foxrockers and Ballyfermot, districts in Dublin. Lick spittles, devious person. Zapruder, film of JFK assassination.
9. Blaggura ceart, rascal.
10. Kippure, Dublin mountain. Fragola grappa, wine. Ball o’malt, glass of whiskey. Christiaan Barnard, first heart transplant surgeon. Kookaburra, Australian bird. Deus ex machina, problem resolved.
11. Delorean, sports car. TK mineral, soft drink. Donna Reed, TV sitcom star. Hodges Figgis, book store.
12. Cromwell, military leader. Bord na Mona, turf development.
13. Blue helmets, U.N. peace keepers. Kish lighthouse, in Irish sea. Connaught, Irish province. Vales Marineris, Mars canyon.
15. QE2 porter, pint for Queen, not touched.
16. PAPOTM, put a pint on the mat.
17. Crested Argus, large bird. Nilaon tinteann mar da tintean fein, no house like your house. Cupla focal, few words. Bean an tiagus ta terrible tart orm, woman of the house I have a big thirst. Failte romat, welcome. Mallory, died on Everest. Castleross, Kennedys of Castleross radio sitcom. Monument, obelisk located in the Phoenix Park.
18. Sacagawea, woman accompanied Lewis and Clark.
20. Fata morgana, mirage. Hagia Sophia, basilica in Turkey. Polynya, open water surrounded by ice.
21. Carrantuohill, mountain peak.
22. Michael Fagan, broke into Buckingham Palace.