A Wicklow Girl

About the Book

Set in Dublin and surroundings, briefly in New Orleans, the novel explores difficulties encountered by return of the emigrant. The story narrated by Brian who lived in Canada for many years, his aunt left him her house on Howth head over looking Dublin bay. Attempts at connecting with old acquaintances do not prosper and Brian is living his lonely life. As he tells the tale, a year earlier he met Wicklow girl Noreen O’Boyle in Louisiana. We learn that life away was tough for Noreen and she plans to return. In the interlude waiting for Noreen, Brian had a moment of meditations in the local church. This event led to a scandalous impersonation of the parish priest with Aniky, a young nun visiting from Bruges. Green-eyed tempestuous Noreen arrives in Dublin however Brian and Noreen have only one summer together. Events of brief dalliance with Aniky comes back to haunt at Halloween …

By: Roberta Barbero Shutterstock Stock photo ID: 510403474 Baily Lighthouse from cliff in Howth, Wicklow hills in the distant.


Bray Head and the Esplanade.


 Tower at Glendalough.